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are you ready to transform your health and transform your life?

Transform Your Health, Transform Your Life Group Program, starting in June!  We just finished up our March Group Program and had a blast.  We learned a lot, shared a lot and bonded as a group. Starting  in June I have cooked up another exciting 3 month program to get you back on track, nutritionally, emotionally and spiritually. … Continue reading

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Yummy Gluten-Free Paleo Style Cookies with Essential Oils!

Last week I hosted an Introduction to Essential Oils workshop, so I decided to play with a couple of my favorite recipes and add oils to them.  I came with a chocolate cookie, almost mini cakes, with peppermint oil that tasted like Thin Mints or Peppermint Patties!  I also took the chocolate out and came … Continue reading

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This Weeks Events, with not to miss workshops and a daisy chain of plastic bags around S Mountain!

How to deal with “Life’s little emergencies”, get a your “move on” and create Abundance in your life!  There’s an event just for you! There is a lot going on here in Salida this week, as summer has finally come!  Welcome warmer weather and getting our gardens ready.  We just finished drip irrigation for our raised … Continue reading

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My grandfather was wheat free, before it was trendy!

No kidding, my grandfather Brickner, my mom’s dad, was gluten-free since sometime in the 1940’s.  This was way before it was even considered the “in thing”.  May is Celiac Awareness month and in honor of his”way before their time idea’s” I wanted to honor him say I learned a few things about wheat and gluten. … Continue reading

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Want to learn how to create abundance in your life around money and debt?

I am excited to announce Mia Foley is coming to town again this month with another one of her amazing workshops.  In this workshop we will look at money, credit card debt and how to create abundance in your life.  This 2 hour workshop will give you many practical tools to move blocks and clear … Continue reading

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Want to learn how to solve “life’s little emergencies”?

This medicine cabinet workshop teaches easy approaches to a variety of “life’s little emergencies,” using essential oils.  If you are worried about the products in your home,  this free workshop shows you how to replace those products in your medicine cabinet with safe, natural and effective essential oils.  I have invited a friend and fellow health … Continue reading