3-Month New Year Program

Lets put those humdrum, boring resolutions aside and build a game plan for 2014 that will astonish you! 


It’s your year to sparkle

Your year to shine

Your year to rock it big time

Click the button below to embark on your own self-discovery, take action embark on the most epic year of your life!

btn_buynow_SM    Pay in Full for $359

    Pay in 3 monthly installments $133 per month

I need some details to get you going! 

Still have questions???

What is Transform Your New Year 3-month Program?   We meet 2 times per month, by phone, Skype or FaceTime.  It will walk  your through various area’s in your life, including goal setting, wellness and nutrition, finances, stress management, career and relationships.  You pick the areas in your life that you want to focus on.

In this program, you will:

  • Shove the “wish I would’ves” aside and make way for a year full of action-packed I did it’s
  • Tackle the ‘impossibles’ and other seemingly unconquerable obstacles that have slowed you down
  • Challenge the status quo and kick all the other stalling tactics to the curb
  • Devise your goals for 2014 – your big, fabulously badass goals
  • Cure your procrastination and other distractions once and for all
  • Kick ass, take names, and plan your most outrageous year yet.
  • You will be challenged, you will be stretched and will, accordingly, be put on the spot from time to time. Don’t be scared. You’ll be marvelous.  I am there to be the guide on the side and support you with ideas, strategies and accountability

Sign up now and let me know when you want to start!

btn_buynow_SM     Pay in Full for $359

   Pay in 3 monthly installments of $133 per month

I need some details to get you going! 

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